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Fairplay = fun!
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Most of my pictures are related to Airsoft.

If you are interested in a particular type of snap, describe it and I will get it for you.

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I listen to many kind of music but I specially like Grunge, Jazz and many of the works of Tchaikovsky.

I also love Photography, it's one of my many hobbies. I take special interest in the works of Spencer Tunick and Philippe Halsman but I don't think there is a photography style that influences my work. It is a trade that I'm still learning :)

On other Visual Arts, I like painting and drawing. The later used to be a hobbie when I was in High School but I haven't grab a pencil since. Too bad, I guess.

Regarding painting. I really love Impressionism, whatever it's an oil painting or Toulouse Ads =) beside I kind of admire the way they lived in Paris during this period.

Regarding architecture I love Art Deco and the streamlined architecture, mostly because of the context they describe. I forgot to mention that I'm also a History Geek :D

I try to do as many outdoors activities as I can: trekking, camping, Airsoft, you named, I'll try it at least once ;) I guess it's to counterbalance my working life. I work behind a computer in a cube 40+ hours a week and I'm not complaing, I used to do this for free :D

I'm sort of a book worm + Computer Nerd / Hacker + Outsdoor person, all wrapped up in a Family Guy package ;)

As the Kurgan says: It's Better To Burn out than to fade away!


The Long Walk by YoLoL
The Long Walk
This place rocks! It's huge and it has beautiful sights
Nirvana Rulez! by YoLoL
Nirvana Rulez!
My fav music band from when I was a teenager :)

I still love it!! 

(I also love Airsoft, that's what you are seeing there ;) )
The bomb by YoLoL
The bomb
Operation Hacoc 2015 - Bad Company Airsoft Club 1st Anniversary

You have to cut the correct wire or it will blast you with a very loud noise ... there is a also a timer on it ... and you have to pry it from the not so cold and no so dead hands of the NPCs defending ... in one of the main areas of the very, very large field :D

oohh... almost forgot ... the wire cutters ... the juggernaut has them ... ;)

It was a great game!!!!

Las few months I've been writing for an Airsoft Blog that is related to an Airsoft Social Network:

I have written or translated several a bit more than half a dozen articles; I'm sharing you people the links for four of them:………

I hope you enjoy them though they are written in Spanish ;)

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